information about fabric
M.I.T.I. - Super Roubaix

Super Roubaix is a super - stretch fabric which is breathable and robust. This fabric ensures a high wearing comfort and is easy to care.

The remarkably qualities at breathability, elasticity, comfort, high robustness also after several uses and the simple maintenance make this material to a real reference point in the sector of super - stretch fabrics.

The fabric is recommended for competitive athletes, as well as for the hobby - cyclist.

tips to care and protect cycling clothing of
M.I.T.I. - Super Roubaix
It is recommended to wash the material of hand or with a soft program of the washing machine and to renounce spin dryer and dryer.

In addition, the materials should not be washed with conditioner, because this can influence the function of the humidity transport negatively.

So that you enjoy a long time your high-quality cycling clothing, pay attention with fitting and on using please to sharp, sharp, sticking or rubbing dangers as well as to the care tips and product tips on the etiquettes.

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