ALÉ Alé water bottle JET by Elite grey/transparent 550 ml

Article no.: L23160400

Water bottle JET 550ml by Elite in exclusive Alé-Design.

  • volume 550 ml
  • biodegradable bottle made in food-grade squeezable polyethylen
  • this special material reduces significantly the time it takes for the bottle to break down once it enters the regular industrial composting cycles (3 months to 5 years)
  • sporty, sophisticated and practical design to achieve greater resistance for the bottle body while retaining unaltered its lightness and softness
  • standard 74 mm diameter of the JET ensures it can be used with all the commercially available bottlecages
  • the innovative push-pull nozzle make it easier to open and close and it supply a quicker and more abundant liquid flow at any time
  • rubber nozzle of the bottle boasts an innovative odorless and tasteless material
  • the opening, quick to unscrew, makes it easier to wash and dry out the bottle.
  • compact height of about 200 mm and thereby well suited for small frames
  • dishwasher safe up to 75°C
  • made with certified BPA-Free (Bisphenol-A) plastic materials, totally safe and compliant with all the more restrictive EC and FDA regulations
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