information about fabric

NALINI used this fabric exclusive for cycling jerseys from the PRO-collection.

PlasMaterial® is a truly innovative technology offering the extraordinary benefit of plasma and it is a milestone in modern textile and footwear.

Plasma is the fourth aggregate state of matter and originates with the breakdown of molecules and atoms with gases which seem in the nature.
Thus an extremely high energy level is generated, comparable with that of the sun.

By this treatment is PlasMaterial® the only ecological treatment of textiles which assures the following qualities:

  • hydrophily and breathability
  • moisture vapour transmission
  • fast drying
  • garment hygiene

tips to care and protect cycling clothing of
NALINI - PlasMaterial
It is recommended to wash the material of hand or with a soft program of the washing machine and to renounce spin dryer and dryer.

In addition, the materials should not be washed with conditioner, because this can influence the function of the humidity transport negatively.

So that you enjoy a long time your high-quality cycling clothing, pay attention with fitting and on using please to sharp, sharp, sticking or rubbing dangers as well as to the care tips and product tips on the etiquettes.

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