Rights of Withdrawal

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Instructions on cancellation

§ 4 Instruction on Buyer's right of withdrawal

You are entitled to cancel your offer to conclude the contract within 14 days with no necessity to state reasons, in text form (e.g. by letter, fax, or e-mail), or if having received the good before the end of this period by returning the good. This period starts on receipt of these instructions in text form, but not before the entry of the product by the receiver (by the returning delivery of goods of the same kind not before receipt of the the first part order) and also not before completion of our duty to supply informations in sense of article 246 section 2 in connection with section 1 subsection 1 and 2 EGBGB (Civil Code) and also not before completion of our duties in sense of section 312e subsection 1 phrase 1 BGB (Civil Code) in connection with article 246 section 3 EGBGB (Civil Code). For the protection of the cancellation term the timely sending of the cancellation or the good is enough.

The cancellation has to be addressed to:


Address where also court documents can be served to   Trikotexpress A. Hache GmbH
    Dohnaischer Platz 6
    D - 01796 Pirna
Email   info@trikotexpress.de

The right of withdrawal does not exists for buyers that are entrepreneurs in the sense of section 14, subsection 1 BGB (Civil Code) which are acting in the performance of their business or freelance activity.

The right of withdrawal also does not exist for any goods made or assembled especially in accordance with customer requirements. Thus, no right to cancel exists e.g. for bike wear with special custom made design.

§5 instruction to the cancellation results

In case of an effective cancellation the mutually received achievements are to recompensed and if necessary pulled uses (interest) are to be issued. If the customer cannot return all the achievements received by trikotexpress or only in a worse condition, if neccecary the customer has to achieve value compensation to trikotexpress. In case of surrendering the good this is not valid if the deterioration of the product is based exclusively on a check - e.g. like it is possible for you to try the good in a retail shop. For the rest, the customer can avoid his duty to value compensation in case of an deterioration through the designated putting into use of the good, while he does not take the good in use like an owner and if he omits everything what affects its value.

Mailable goods are to be sended back as insured and registrated airletter to our risk to the adress:

Trikotexpress A. Hache GmbH

Dohnaischer Platz 6

D - 01796 Pirna

You have to bear the costs of return if the delivered goods meets the ordered goods and if the value of the returned goods do not exceed 40,- € or in the case the value exceeds 40,- € but you do not have done your achievements or a contract agreed hire-purchase till the time of cancellation. Otherwise the return is free. For all returns which come from abroad, our customers have to pay the shipping cost of this return themselves irrespective of the value of the returned goods. You will have to pay for the return expenses if the delivered goods match the items you ordered. Goods which are not mailable are fetched with you.

Obligations to the refunding of payments have to be achieved within 30 days. For you this period starts with the sending of your cancellation or the sending of the good, for us with the receipt of one of these.

End of instructions on cancellation