BRUNOX Lubricante para horquilla DEO Spray (100ml)

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Everything lubricated? ... With the Brunox® DEO Spray you keep your seals on your suspension fork supple and in addition you care for and protect the damper joints, adjustment screws and adjusting knobs.

  • Brunox® DEO is recommended by the manufacturer ROCK-SHOX®
  • keeps seals smooth, maintains and protects damper joints, set screws, and keeps adjustment knobs easily in place
  • cleans and seals crown, dip and standpipes
  • displaces moisture, forms a transparent protective film
  • is dirt-repellent
  • contains no silicone, PTFE and graphite
  • delivery: 1x 100ml spray can

A little Brunox Deo should be sprayed between stanchions and lower tubes before and after each tour. Afterwards, spring the fork shortly several times and you can suddenly feel the difference.

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