NAMEDSPORT Barrita Energética 35g (sabor a albaricoque)

Nº de artículo FA003724008
Volumen: 35 Guardar (0,06 € / Guardar)
IVA incluido, más Gastos de envío

Simple and tasty energy bar based on carbohydrates with puffed rice, fruit juice, pureed fruit and honey. Ideal for athletes in need of rapid energy replenishment before and during training. Light and easy to digest on the go. Perfect for endurance athletes.

  • before or during training or as and when needed
  • delivers fast and sustained energy release for endurance sport
  • replenishes glyocogen levels during and after exercise
  • maintains energy levels to promote endurance performance
  • made with natural fruit
  • contains fructose for fast and sustained energy release
  • contains 30g of carbohydrates per bar
  • delicious energy snack for use on the go
  • flavour: apricot - 35g
  • Acesulfame free
  • Aspartame free
  • Vegetarian
Nutritional Information:
per 100 g
bar (35 g)
Physiological calorific value
1546 kj / 365 kcal
541 kj / 128 kcal
hereof: saturated fatty acids
3 g
0,5 g
1 g
0,2 g
of which sugar
80 g
44 g
28 g
15,4 g
Dietary fibre
3 g
1 g
3 g
1 g
0,4 g
0,14 g

Ingredients: Fruit paste 30% (apricot puree 30%, apple puree 20%, apple 15%, concentrated apple juice 12%, fructose syrup, fructose, sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid; flavourings), Rice crispies 30% (rice, sugar, barley malt, salt), Glucose syrup, Dehydrated apple 7%, Honey, Gluco-oligosaccharide, Sunflower oil 3%*, Flavourings. *Cold pressed sunflower oil. It may contain soy, peanuts, nuts and sesame.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight. Dispose of in an environmentally friendly way after use.
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